Basic Education for Underprivileged Children

Every child has the right to receive a basic education. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of children are being deprived of a basic education because of their socio-economic condition and lack of awareness. According to the National Child Labour Survey 2013, about 17, 00,000 children are engaged in hazardous child labour.

It is in this backdrop that the current Education Program commenced its journey with only 7 students in January 2008. Initially, there was a lot of skepticism and misgivings regarding the usefulness of the classes. However, APON School teachers have managed to gain the trust and faith of the guardians of the students with their sincerity, honesty, dedication and diligence. As a result, the number of students increased from only 7 children in one centre to over 400 children in 15 centres by the end of 2019.

Classes at APON are always followed by refreshments. For new students, refreshments are invariably the principal incentive to attend classes regularly. Within a few years of the inception of the Project, our students have multiplied several times and the progress is more than evident. Most of the children can now read and write and do basic math and calculations. The School has provided the much needed recreation that these children deserve and trips to the zoo, art competitions and other events have been organized for them on a regular basis.

We hope to provide these children with vocational training as they grow older so as to give them greater financial independence and a better life. Since the commencement of its Education Program, APON has provided basic education among 4140 underprivileged children.


Year No of Centers Subjects No of Students
2008 1 Bengali, English, Math, Personal Etiquette and Manners. 25
2009 3 75
2010 3 75
2011 5 250
2012 6 300
2013 9 350
2014 9 225
2015 15 400
2016 16 400
2017 16 508
2018 16
2019 16 517
2020 14 424
Total 4140