Day-Care Center for Rohingya Refugee Children

More than 1 million members Rohingya community were recently forcibly evacuated from Rakhine State by the Myanmar military, who have now taken refuge in temporary shelters in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. According to UNICEF reports, children make up approximately 58 percent (379,900) of the 655,000 Rohingyas who have sought refuge in Bangladesh.

Government departments and NGOs estimate that there are about 1400 orphan Rohingya children who having crossed the border from Myanmar are without any secure shelter and are at the risk of trafficking. The refugees, particularly the children, are currently experiencing severe health and nutrition crisis as well as acute mental trauma. According to the latest reports, about 16,965 children are suffering acute malnutrition. APON is operating a Child Care Center for Rohingya Refugee Children at Balukhali Camp, Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar to provide recreation, nutrition and basic education, including early learning programs, to the Rohingya children.