Project SMILE

Social Mobilization and Interventions for Lessening Extremism (SMILE)

No one is born as a violent extremist – they are made and fueled by immoral interpretations of religion, hatred, social exclusion and ignorance. Preventing process of radicalization should begin with good governance and human rights by awakening and empowering the young women and men. Keeping these views, APON Foundation is currently implementing a project titled Social Mobilization and Interventions for Lessening Extremism (SMILE) funded by Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD-SCN)-UK. With the objectives of engaging Narayanganj city corporation officials and multi-stakeholders for preventing violence extremism and promoting awareness, some specific objectives are as follows-

  • Strengthen knowledge and awareness of local government officials on PVE.
  • Improve capacities of local governments to develop multi-stakeholder coordination and planning mechanisms on PVE.
  • Increase cooperation between civil society and local governments on PVE through joint planning and delivery of community awareness-raising activities and campaigns.

To achieve the above objectives APON Foundation is carrying out the advocacy initiatives by both in formal and non-formal i.e.m organize trainings on raising awareness on PVE for Narayanganj city corporation officials, faith leaders and other civil society representatives; inception meeting, Stakeholder Forum Against Extremism (SAFE) formation, establishing peace corner at NCC premises.