Our Vision

A secure, healthy, and educated society towards resilient communities and sustainability.

Our Mission

Promote natural rights of living beings particularly security, public health and education of children, youth, women, and marginalized communities towards empowering communities and sustainable prosperity.

Peace Building &
Civic Engagement

  • APON Foundation champions peacebuilding by advocating for transparent, inclusive governance through advocacy, research, and community initiatives, to strengthen democratic institutions and encourage youth leadership.
  • APON Foundation positions itself at the forefront of these efforts, championing the engagement of youth in peacebuilding initiatives as a strategy to mitigate antisocial influences and foster their holistic development.

Health Care

  • The primary healthcare agenda of the APON Foundation endeavors to meet the essential health necessities of individuals and communities.
  • APON Foundation is continuing mental health project to enhance mental health awareness among the less developed community in Bangladesh.
  • APON Foundation completed Eye Care Project to confront the widespread ocular health dilemmas pervading the nation.

Climate Justice

  • APON Foundation initiated non-formal education center based climate resilence program for the climate voulnarable regions in Bangladesh.
  • APON Foundation providing cash support, agricultural aid, sewing supplies, and water storage solutions, aiming to enhance resilience and address core necessities of crisis-stricken populations.

Education & Child Protection

  • We dicatedly promoting comprehensive development through Education & Protection initiatives from our establishment.
  • We give our students supportive environment, education, materials and confirm theri overall welfare
  • We provide them educational resources, nutritious sustenance, suitable apparel, and access to literary materials.

Child Protection

  • Since 2017, APON Foundation’s unwavering commitment has extended beyond immediate rescue,sustainable non-institutional support for vulnerable children. Also emphasizing collaboration with government institutions and leveraging social protection schemes, offers a compelling path towards a brighter future for survivors and those at high risk of Child Sex Traficking.
  • APON Foundation successfully rescued 358 children from Dhaka, 222 from Chittagong, and 207 from Mymensingh division. These substantial rescue efforts highlight both the severity of the problem and the foundation’s capacity and dedication to addressing it.

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Since 2007, the APON Foundation’s Humanitarian Assistance program has emerged as a pivotal force in providing relief and support to vulnerable populations across Bangladesh.
  • APON Foundation provided emergency food, medical, menstrual hygiene management (MHM) kits and other supports in different districts in Bangladesh such as Manikganj, Narayanganj, Satkhira, Kurigram, Gaibandha, Sunamganj & Cox’s Bazar.

Women Entrepreneurship

  • Support individuals and families.
  • Supervised utilization of individual & institutional funds.
  • We set up small shops, raising cattle, becoming tailor with the help of sewing machine, fabrics

Our Events

  • Sewing Center
  • Transitional Shelter for Street Children
  • Self Development
  • Girls Protection