About Apon

Alor Pothe Nobojatray (APON) Foundation (which directly translates to ‘the journey towards enlightenment’) is a non-profit, government approved, development organization dedicated towards enlightening and improving the lives of economically and socially deprived members of the community.

Alor Pothe Nobojatray (APON) Foundation established and registered by the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies and Firm under the Society registration Act 1860 on July 2007 with the aim of enlightening and improving the lives of economically and socially deprived members of the communities. APON Foundation is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau registration No. 3027 Dated 09.06.2016, renewed on 09.06.2021 with validity up to 08.06.2031.

Currently the APON Foundation is running 7 (Seven) projects and they are: APON Education Project, Vocational Training, Health & Hygiene, Disaster and Relief Program, Environment and Climate Change, Research and Development.

The objectives of APON Foundation are to improve the lives of deprived member of the community, to provide basic education to child laborers, to create employment opportunity for deprived community, to provide relief materials during the natural calamity.

At APON (which is directly translated as ‘warm and friendly’ [which also means close to one’s heart, or familiar]), we aim to provide basic education to child laborers and to create employment opportunities within the underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of the society. In particular, APON seeks to establish an egalitarian society which guarantees basic education and, improved health and hygiene to underprivileged children, while assuring financial independence and empowerment to their families.

Since its commencement in 2007, APON already has provided education and nutritional support among 5000 underprivileged children, has provided sewing machines among 100 destitute women upon successful completion of their sewing training, has rescued 1200 street connected children from vulnerable street situations and reunited about 600 of those children to their respected families. Besides, APON provided relief materials among 10000 disaster affected people and food and hygiene support for 1000 COVID-19 victims’ families.