Mental Health Care

The APON Foundation, acknowledging the integral role of mental health in holistic well-being, launched a Mental Health in Healthcare initiative in 2022, targeting the often-neglected psychological needs of both healthcare professionals and patients. This endeavor aims to integrate mental health support within healthcare services, promoting a model of care that is empathetic, comprehensive, and responsive to mental health requirements. Despite the acknowledged significance of mental well-being, societal stigma often impedes discussions and treatments for mental health issues, leading to the marginalization of affected individuals. To counter this, the APON Foundation has initiated a series of educational programs, including seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions, to enhance mental health awareness among educators, students, and parents. This initiative is designed to foster a broader understanding of mental health, gradually building a society that is more informed, resilient, and inclusive. Feedback from programs like the Suicide Prevention Workshop indicates a positive shift, with increasing numbers of individuals seeking help. Through these concerted efforts, the APON Foundation aims to contribute significantly to the de-stigmatization of mental health issues and the promotion of a more empathetic and aware society.