Youth Engagement

In Bangladesh, a country where adolescents and youth constitute one-third of the population, the imperative for substantial investment in the human capital of young people is starkly evident. This demographic, numbering approximately 52 million, holds the key to realizing the potential benefits of a demographic dividend, which could significantly contribute to economic growth, poverty alleviation, reduced fertility rates, and enhanced social indicators in the latter half of the century.

The evolving landscape of extremist recruitment, shifting from rural and impoverished backgrounds to urban, middle-class, and highly educated youth, particularly university students, underscores the critical need for targeted interventions. This trend accentuates the urgency of addressing underlying issues such as unemployment, social deprivation, and exclusion, which fuel disenchantment and dissent among young populations. The APON Foundation positions itself at the forefront of these efforts, championing the engagement of youth in peacebuilding initiatives as a strategy to mitigate antisocial influences and foster their holistic development.

By leveraging a suite of programs, workshops, and community outreach activities, the APON Foundation equips young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and platforms necessary for active participation in conflict resolution, social cohesion, and community advancement. Emphasizing the development of a responsible and civically engaged youth cohort, the foundation aspires to cultivate future leaders imbued with a culture of peace, critical for societal prosperity. Demonstrating its commitment, APON Foundation has successfully trained 180 peace leaders through 12 peace clubs across various universities, aiming to transform these individuals into ambassadors of peace and resilience, thereby affirming its dedication to fostering peaceful, inclusive, and resilient communities through strategic youth engagement.