Education & Care

Since its establishment in 2007, the APON Foundation has steadfastly dedicated itself to promoting comprehensive development through Education & Protection initiatives. The organization upholds the conviction that every child is entitled to a supportive environment, one that not only delivers educational content but also safeguards their overall welfare. Through the provision of educational resources, nutritious sustenance, suitable apparel, and access to literary materials, the foundation endeavors to foster an optimal educational ambiance for the beneficiaries of its programs. Its strategies embrace a holistic educational paradigm, prioritizing not merely scholastic achievement but also the physical, emotional, and social growth of each individual child. The foundation takes pride in announcing that, over the years, it has witnessed the successful culmination of five thousand children’s educational journeys, rendering them fully prepared to engage with the global community with confidence. The APON Foundation remains committed to perpetuating this significant impact, thereby equipping future generations with the essential tools for success.

A Comprehensive Model for Child Development

The APON Foundation steadfastly pursues a model of holistic development in child education and protection since its program’s foundation in 2007. It is our core belief that every child is entitled to a nurturing environment that transcends the mere provision of knowledge, extending to the safeguarding of their comprehensive well-being. Our efforts surpass the boundaries of conventional education, incorporating critical support mechanisms such as educational resources, nutritious meals, suitable attire, and literary access. This integrative approach cultivates an environment conducive to learning for the children we support. Our educational ethos prioritizes not just academic prowess but also fosters the physical, emotional, and social growth of every child. The APON Foundation is committed to advancing this significant endeavor, ensuring our interventions effect enduring positive outcomes in the lives of the children we reach. Since the beginning of the program, more than 5000 students have graduated, and the APON Foundation provides opportunities for them to access the light of education.

Educational Initiatives of APON Foundation

1. APON School (Formal Education): Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by disadvantaged children, the foundation has inaugurated a primary education facility located in the Rayer Bazar Slum area and Aftabnagar Bede Polli within Dhaka city. Operations began on January 1, 2020, welcoming children into the first grade following their pre-primary education.

2. APON Pathsala (Pre-primary Education): The APON Foundation currently operates thirteen (13) pre-primary institutions scattered across Dhaka, targeting underprivileged children residing in various slums and parks. These educational establishments are foundational stepping stones, preparing children for their subsequent academic endeavors.