Career at APON Foundation

By supporting others in need and effecting positive change in underprivileged communities worldwide, employment at APON Foundation offers the chance to effect positive change.
You will be collaborating with the following groups at APON Foundation: a programming team, which guarantees the efficacy and significance of our interventions; a fundraising team, which secures the necessary funds to maintain and expand our programmers and initiatives; a marketing team, which advocates for education as a community-supported cause; an operations team, which ensures the seamless operation of internal processes and the creation of highly engaging community engagement initiatives; and a finance team, which ensures the stability and growth of our programmers and initiatives.

Internships at APON Foundation

This is the place to be if you are a graduate or undergraduate student with a mission-driven inclination in search of a purposeful internship opportunity. An internship at the APON Foundation provides an exceptional opportunity to develop and broaden one’s future professional prospects through the provision of service to others. By participating in projects that are vital to the daily operations of our philanthropic organisation, APON Foundations interns acquire an insider’s understanding of the philanthropic industry.
Throughout the year, we provide apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of departments, including human resources, fundraising, marketing, programmes, finance, and operations.
You will be assigned to our Dhaka office for a total of 04 days in a week. Along with the desk work; the intern need to visit field offices round the Dhaka city.
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