Interfaith Communication

The APON Foundation, since its establishment, has ardently championed interfaith dialogue as a cornerstone of its peacebuilding endeavors. Recognizing the critical role of dialogue in bridging divides among diverse religious communities, the Foundation has, from 2019 onwards, orchestrated interfaith discussions. These forums assemble representatives from major religious traditions, alongside civil society actors, students, and media personnel, to deliberate on fostering social harmony and peace. The commitment of the APON Foundation to this cause extends to educational initiatives, community outreach, and advocating for policies that encourage religious tolerance and inclusivity.

Through its dedication to promoting understanding and collaboration, the Foundation has conducted four significant interfaith dialogues since 2019, with participation from faith leaders and various societal stakeholders. These sessions have been pivotal in advancing a more inclusive society, where individuals of different beliefs can coexist peacefully and with dignity. The dialogues are instrumental in combating Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) and hate speech, thereby nurturing an atmosphere of mutual respect and unity. In this way, the APON Foundation’s efforts in facilitating interfaith dialogue not only foster peaceful cohabitation but also address underlying tensions, celebrating diversity and leveraging differences for the communal good.