Girls Protection

The APON Foundation is at the forefront of advocating for the protection and empowerment of girls and women. With focused initiatives, the foundation tackles barriers to the advancement and well-being of female populations. Emphasizing the creation of a secure environment, APON Foundation ensures access to education, healthcare, and personal development opportunities for girls. It actively combats gender-based violence and discrimination, thereby nurturing conditions favorable for women’s empowerment. Through educational and skill development programs, the foundation equips women to overcome societal obstacles, achieve their aspirations, and make substantive contributions to society. This holistic strategy underscores the critical importance of protecting girls’ rights and dignity as a cornerstone for a progressive society where women can realize their full potential.

Since 2019, the “APON Girls’ Club” initiative in Rayer Bazar Slum has been pivotal in empowering young women and girls by enhancing their skills and amplifying their voices against community discrimination. In 2021, the foundation facilitated five awareness sessions on vital topics such as health, harassment, personal aspirations, stress management, and self-improvement, delivered by experts to 50 club members. These engagements reflect the APON Foundation’s commitment to fostering environments that support girls’ and women’s holistic development and active participation in their own life narratives, thus driving positive change in society.