Eye Care

The APON Foundation, a philanthropic entity devoted to enhancing healthcare offerings in Bangladesh, has inaugurated an avant-garde Eye Care Project to confront the widespread ocular health dilemmas pervading the nation. Acknowledging the critical role of visual health in an individual’s overall well-being, the foundation has orchestrated an all-encompassing initiative designed to furnish accessible and economical eye care solutions to marginalized communities. In its efforts to assure the project’s longevity and expandability, the APON Foundation engages in collaborations with local medical experts. Additionally, through concerted community engagement and educational efforts, the foundation aims to elevate public consciousness regarding ocular health and the importance of preventive care.

The primary goal of an Eye Cataract Project is to provide cataract surgeries to individuals who are experiencing vision loss due to cataracts. The main objectives of the eye cataract project in Bangladesh for poor communities are to improve access to cataract surgery services for those in need, reduce the prevalence of cataract-related blindness, and improve the overall quality of life for affected individuals. To achieve the project aims the following activities will be completed e.g., identifying communities in need, conducting awareness campaigns, screening and diagnosis, postoperative care and monitoring & evaluation.