Self Reliant

Self-Reliant Women Empowerment

In Bangladesh, women from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds frequently encounter systemic oppression, a condition exacerbated by a deficiency in education and vocational skills, which consigns them to a marginalized status within society. Acknowledging the gravity of this issue, the APON Foundation has been proactively engaged in efforts to ameliorate the plight of these women since 2016, with a particular focus on those who are primary caregivers for children attending APON School. The foundation’s initiatives aimed at promoting women’s empowerment are predicated on the principle of fostering self-sufficiency. Recognizing that genuine empowerment is intrinsically linked to economic autonomy, the APON Foundation meticulously curates programs that include vocational training, entrepreneurship development, and financial literacy education. By equipping women with practical skills and bolstering their self-assurance, the foundation effectively dismantles the obstacles impeding women’s advancement, thereby facilitating the emergence of a more equitable society. In this transformed society, women are empowered to assert their rights and make significant contributions to the economic landscape.

Sewing Training Center: A Beacon of Hope

In 2016, APON Foundation initiated sewing training programs to empower destitute women. One significant aspect of this initiative is the Sewing Training Center, established in Rayer Bazar, Dhaka, in 2019. The center provides comprehensive training in dressmaking and tailoring, equipping women with valuable skills. Upon completing the training, participants receive sewing machines, fostering sustainable means of income. The program has flourished, impacting the lives of approximately 180 women.

Empowering Lives Through Sewing Training: A Success Story

The Sewing Training Centre for Destitute Women, established by APON Foundation, stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment. This initiative has positively transformed the lives of around 180 women who were once facing destitution. Beyond classroom skills, the women have become income generators for their families, breaking the chains of poverty and dependence. The success stories emerging from this center exemplify the profound impact that targeted training and support can have on the lives of marginalized women. APON Foundation’s commitment to women’s empowerment, fostering resilience, self-reliance, and contributing to the broader cause of gender equality is evident in the tangible transformations witnessed within the communities served by the Sewing Training Centre.