Shelter for Street Children

Since its inception in 2007, the APON Foundation has unwaveringly dedicated itself to nurturing holistic development through initiatives in education and protection. The organization operates on the fundamental belief that every child is deserving of an enriching environment, one that fosters educational growth while simultaneously ensuring their comprehensive well-being. By providing educational resources, nutritious meals, suitable clothing, and access to a wide range of books, the foundation endeavors to cultivate an environment that is optimally conducive to learning for the children it serves. Its programs adopt an inclusive approach towards education, prioritizing not only academic achievements but also facilitating the physical, emotional, and social growth of each child. The foundation takes immense pride in announcing that, over the years, it has successfully guided five thousand children through its educational program, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the challenges of the world. The APON Foundation remains committed to its mission, aiming to empower future generations with the essential tools for success and continued growth.

Transitional Shelter for Street Children (THIKANA)

Since January 2017, APON Foundation has been operating a shelter titled “Thikana Shelter” for street connected children in Dhaka city. The goal of the project is rescue destitute street children from their existing precarious environment and reintegrate them in a safe and secure environment towards achieving the collective goal of “Street Children Free Bangladesh”. The main activities of the project are: rescuing children from the streets and bus/train stations of Dhaka, re-integrating them with families, referral to permanent home for long term services etc.

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